About Us

How it started

Founded at the end of 2023, KidKartz emerged from a simple yet meaningful experience. Our journey began when our founder, a young mom who lives in Mississauga, Ontario bought a metal shopping cart for his son.

So why did she buy a shopping cart for her son?

Inspired by the belief that engaging children in age-appropriate tasks is key to preventing temper tantrums, our founder sought ways to involve her son more actively in everyday activities.

She understood that when children are given the opportunity to participate meaningfully in their environment, they not only feel more in control and engaged but also develop a sense of self-worth and powerfulness. These factors are key to a child's emotional stability and regulation ability, thereby reducing the need for tantrums as a way to exert influence over their surroundings.

The purchase was more than just acquiring a toy; it was an investment in her son's development and autonomy.  The simple act of pushing his own cart transformed their shopping experiences, making them more interactive and memorable.

Bridging a market gap

The duo's charming presence in grocery stores, with the little one proudly maneuvering his cart, sparked smiles and curiosity everywhere they went. This experience highlighted a significant gap in the market for functional, affordable and child-friendly shopping carts. Motivated by the positive impact on her son and the interest it garnered, the idea for KidKartz was born.

We now specialize in crafting durable, metal shopping carts designed specifically for kids, a testament to our commitment to fostering child independence and family bonding, one shopping trip at a time!




Mission Statement 

We redefine the family shopping experience with carts designed for kids' independence, enabling them to make decisions in a shared family activity, effectively reducing temper tantrums by making them feel valued and powerful. Our carts are not just tools for convenience, they are vehicles for growth.

Our Philosophy

1. Child Development Through Independence: At KidKartz, we believe in empowering children by providing them with age-appropriate tasks that foster independence and self-confidence. This approach not only aids in their cognitive and emotional development but also instills a sense of achievement and autonomy from a young age.

2. Fostering Family Bonding: Our philosophy emphasizes strengthening family ties through shared shopping experiences. By involving children in family activities like shopping, KidKartz helps create meaningful interactions and quality time, deepening family connections.

3. Reducing Behavior Challenges: We understand that giving children a role in decision-making processes can significantly reduce tantrums and attention-seeking behaviour. KidKartz carts are designed to engage young minds constructively, making them feel heard and valued, thereby minimizing stress during family outings.


Our Goal

Our goal is to become the leading provider of child-friendly shopping carts worldwide. We aim to transform every shopping trip into a delightful and educational journey for children, enhancing customer experience in stores globally. Through continuous innovation, customer feedback, and strategic partnerships, we will expand our reach, setting a new standard in family-focused retail solutions.